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Case Studies

  • LitespanLED® Plate Downlight

    Success Story – Grand Garage – Kansas City, MO

    Hines, an international commercial real estate firm, worked with EiKO Global to complete a retrofit in a parking garage structure in Kansas City, MO using LitespanLED® Plate Downlight fixtures. These fixtures reduced the building's energy usage and maintenance costs, and increased brightness for improved safety and appearance. Continue Reading

  • LitespanLED® High Bay

    Success Story – Contargo – Wörth, Germany

    EiKO Global and Contargo GmbH & Co., one of the leading container logistics providers in Europe, recently teamed up to equip Europe's largest loading crane with LitespanLED® High Bay fixtures, reducing energy usage by 86 percent and improving worker comfort and safety. Continue Reading

  • LitespanLED® Post-Top Replacement Lamp

    Success Story – Lincoln University

    Lincoln University found an easy way to improve their campus and save money by replacing existing HID lamps with EiKO's LitespanLED® Post-Top Replacement Lamps, which reduced the school's environmental impact and improved campus safety. Continue Reading

  • LitespanLED® Parkade Fixtures

    Success Story – Santa Clara University

    Santa Clara University utilized an opportunity to improve campus sustainability efforts and reduce energy costs with EiKO LitespanLED® Parkade Fixtures while building a new parking structure. Continue Reading

  • LitespanLED® Post-Top Replacement Lamp

    Success Story – University of Tulsa

    The University of Tulsa consistently thinks ahead about how to make the campus more sustainable and environmentally conscious. Since 2008, The University of Tulsa has had a student-led Sustainability Committee that encourages environmental awareness. Continue Reading

  • LitespanLED® Post-Top Replacement Lamp

    Success Story – VCU – Snead Hall

    In 2008, President Emeritus Eugene P. Trani, Ph.D. of Virginia Commonwealth University, signed the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, which added signicant dollars to their budget while making environmental changes to the University. Download Case Study

  • LitespanLED® Replacement Lamps

    Success Story – Helix Architecture + Design

    Implementing sustainable practices, Helix recently remodeled to include top quality LED retrofit lamps throughout their office. Officially launched in August 2012 and completed in January 2013, the upgrade was designed to reduce energy consumption and maintain quality lighting throughout the office. The project involved the upgrade from the firm's previous PAR30 and MR16 halogens to more efficient LitespanLED® replacement lamps from EiKO Ltd. Download Case Study

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